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The Book

Meditations and Ceremonies for Healing provides its readers with easy-to-follow templates for personal growth.


The meditations are based on mindfulness practices combined with general psychotherapy models. This combination allows you, the reader, to find insight into the core causes of the beliefs and decisions that you have made about yourself and how these impact your everyday life. By engaging in these practices, you will be able to shed some of the negative beliefs that you took on and discover greater clarity about your path and how to live a more authentic and more fulfilling life.


The ceremonies portion of the book provides you with a way to mark and commemorate the events of your life whether they be actual events or changes in personal attitudes, perceptions, and insights. Many are also geared to offering ideas to bring about healing to those parts of yourself that have been hurt, that grieve, and that you wish to acknowledge and celebrate. These ceremonies are simple to execute and easy to adapt to your particular needs and spiritual path.